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About Us

Welcome to All Air Specialists!

At the heart of All Air Specialists lies a singular vision: to deliver unparalleled HVAC services that consistently exceed expectations. Our journey began over three decades ago, spearheaded by our dedicated owner, Jamie Spanopoulos. Jamie’s passion for perfection and unwavering commitment to excellence has been the cornerstone upon which All Air Specialists was built, transforming it from a modest venture into Nassau County’s premier HVAC solution provider.

Our mission is clear-cut: to assist as many residents and businesses as possible, ensuring their indoor spaces remain comfortable, irrespective of the season. Nassau County, with its distinctive climatic challenges, requires HVAC services that are both robust and responsive. And that’s precisely what we offer. We cater to both residential homes and bustling commercial establishments, understanding that while the scale and complexity might differ, the need for reliability and efficiency remains a constant.


With over 30 years of experience, Jamie’s dedication is evident in all that All Air Specialists does—from our detailed service and advanced equipment to our personal approach that prioritizes each client. We’re more than just an HVAC company; we’re a passionate team striving to improve comfort in every space we touch. Opt for All Air Specialists, a blend of tradition and innovation, consistently delivering top-notch service.